Your dream of a successful career extends beyond geographical boundaries of countries. At Pratham study abroad, we believe in creating a platform through which you can smoothly and seamlessly evolve through this journey and achieve your goals.
The spectrum of Pratham study abroad services:

  • Counselling stage
  • Application stage
  • VISA stage
  • Post VISA stage

Counselling stage

Choosing the right country is the most important factor, as it forms the base for your successful career. Pratham Study abroad mentors collaborate with you and explore factors like cultural compatibility, language proficiency, cost of living, availability of local support systems and visa requirements. Aligning with your preferences and goals, suitable study abroad destinations are recommended.

Choosing the ideal College is far more than just the academic excellence. It is more to select the college that fits your dream and aligns with your overall bearing. Pratham Study abroad mentors work with you in making a list of ideal colleges for you based on your interests, availability of scholarships and internships, supportive to international community etc.

Selecting the best fit course-college mix is the biggest aspect of studying abroad. Pratham Study abroad mentors work cohesively with you to develop a roadmap ideally suited for your requirements and your career aspirations.

A robust profile forms the foundation for a winning application. Our team of mentors, work towards crafting a noteworthy student profile. Your strengths, achievements – academic, non-academic and extra-curricular achievements are the building blocks of your profile. They need to be enhanced and bolstered and polished to make it a stand out amongst multitude of applications. Research projects, internships, social work and community service related initiatives are some of the attributes which ornate your profile to make it a winner’s profile. The mutually developed roadmap enhances your chances to make your dream come true!

Profile enhancers

  • Co-Curriculars
  • Extra-Curriculars
  • Internships
  • International Exposure
  • Social Work [Focussed on Sustainability]

Application stage

Accuracy and relevance associated with the Application process make this process quite demanding. Documentation, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LORs) etc. are scrutinised by the Admissions panel and shortlisting of candidate is highly dependent upon the information presented in these set of documents.
Pratham Study Abroad mentors offer mentoring experience throughout the application stage with a series of assessments and reviews, to facilitate a spotless and comprehensive application; increase the chances of acceptance of the application. Students and their family members are part of this process at every step to ensure that all deadlines are well in control.

Your SOP is an opportunity for the University panel to get an overview about you. The SOP is considered to be the best representation of your achievements and your reason for pursuing a course in a particular course and the University. LORs are letters written by teachers/ mentors from schools/colleges acknowledging and highlighting key skills and achievements.
These documents stand as your substitutes, in front of the admissions committee. Therefore, they need to be meticulously drafted with adequate precision. A suitable and desirable SOP would cover your vision, your career goals highlighting your achievements and experience. Tailor-made SOPs for different Universities has been the hallmark of Pratham Study abroad services.
These documents personify applicants, speaking on behalf of the student in from of the admissions committee. Thus, sheer acumen and professional ability are required to draft a precise SOP and LOR. They support vision, career goals, and display writing skills through accurate information on education and work experience. Our experts assist in articulating SOPs and LORs, tailoring the information to meet university expectations. Personalized mentoring and profile-building guidance ensure flawless SOPs and LORs, reflecting the best of your abilities.

Many Universities have included Interviews as part of their standard admissions process. We believe in identifying skills of candidates and working towards improving their outlook. Through a set of interviews a student’s professional and personal outlook are developed and honed by the Pratham experts; thereby enhancing your chances of acing the interview.
Preparing for university admissions interviews is crucial step in study abroad journey. Our personalized approach includes skill analysis and mentoring to cater to each student's abilities. With one-on-one practice and sample interview questions, our experts help students excel in interviews. We equip students with the knowledge and confidence to present their strengths effectively. Our comprehensive interview preparation services increase your chances of success.

VISA stage

VISA specifications and process differs from country to country. Pratham study abroad helps you in creating your VISA docket and prepare for the VISA interview.

Application to the overseas Universities needs a twofold acceptance. As a first step University acceptance is necessary to be eligible for the Study Visa from the High Commission of the respective country.
Every country has a different VISA process. Filling the VISA application form, submission of essential documents (as defined by the country), finance proof (in some cases) are some aspects of the VISA application process. The multitude of documents and steps involved vary from country-to-country with zero margin of error. This makes the process challenging and demanding. Experienced Pratham study abroad team, brings a smooth VISA processing solution. Our committed visa team assists in completing documentation process, after the acceptance of the letter by a student.

Overseas education is relatively an expensive proposition for Indian students, but Education loans are available to facilitate the process.
Pratham Study abroad assists you with guidance and wherewithal in understanding and collating loan requirements, documentation and other criteria issues. We recognize that foreign education can be relatively expensive and students prefer to apply for education loans. Securing education loans can be a complex process. At Pratham Study abroad, we assist you in navigating through this financial aspect of their study abroad journey. Our team provides guidance and support in understanding loan requirements, documentation, and eligibility criteria. We help students prepare the necessary documents, ensuring a smooth loan application process.

It is mandatory for students to have an Overseas Student Health Cover in many countries. It provides medical and hospital insurance coverage to overseas students during their stay in the country.
We provide our students with a choice to select the better of the available options. Overseas Student Health Cover is a mandatory health insurance requirement for international students studying abroad in most of the countries. OSHC provides medical and hospital insurance coverage for the duration of a student's stay in the country. We provide our students with ample of choice offering exclusive benefits including value for money. We make sure of high-quality health coverage for international students with registered health funds.

Post VISA Stage

Getting accommodation in hostels, dormitories or shared accommodations have many security factors, budget, cleanliness and distance of daily commute etc. to be considered, while selecting the right one. Our team assists you in making informed decisions keeping consideration of your budgets, safety and the overall costs
We help students get just the right accommodation based on their needs and preferences. With security factors, budget, cleanliness, and distance from the university campus in mind, we filter out the best options for our students to choose from.
There can be a plethora of options, like homestays by local families or renting flats, along with your friends. Whatever your choice might be, we assist you in making an informed decision that takes into account your monthly budget and also that all your needs are met.