Product Enhance Plus

Enhance Plus

To those who have university targets in mind, the following activities might be suggested as per the requirement felt by the mentor:

Extrinsic Value Add

a. Understanding the candidate and icebreaking.
b. Building the Context (through Workshops, Courses, Industrial Visits, Interviews)
c. Solidarity on the Context (Competitions)
d. Applying the Knowledge (Guided Research /Community driven projects/ Internships)
e. Executing Unique Project

Intrinsic Value Add

a. Increasing Your writing Skill workshop
b. Interview Prep workshop
c. Research Methodology Boot Camp
d. Workshop on Presentation Skills
e. Communication Skill Builder Workshop
f. Study Effectiveness Counseling

Application Aid

a. Educational Goal Focus Identification
b. University/College Identification
c. Diagnostic Testing IELTS/TOEFL
d. Financial Advisory
e. Resume review and Editing
f. Essay Brainstorming, Reviewing and Editing
g. LOR Template Reviewing and Editing
h. Application Form Review
i. Scholarship Essay Brainstorming, Reviewing and Editing
j. Brainstorming on Offer Acceptance
k. Visa Application
l. Visa Interview Preparation
m. Cultural Adaptation/Pre Departure Workshop